New book: Community seed banks in Nepal

In Nepal, community seed banks have a long and rich history. Supported in particular by a number of non-government organizations and more recently, also by government agencies, they can be found across the country from the lowland terai to the high hill areas and from east to west. The latest count puts the number of active community seed banks at 115. See, for an example, the story about the Jogimara community seed bank.

Co-editor Pashupati Chaudary presents the new book. Photo: Ronnie Vernooy

Co-editor Pashupati Chaudhary presents the new book. Photo: Ronnie Vernooy

A new book published by LI-BIRD in collaboration with Nepalese partner agencies and Bioversity International, documents and reflects on the contributions of community seed banks to the conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity. The various contributions discuss conceptual, practical and policy issues concerning the establishment and management of community seed banks. Lessons learned from the experiences in Nepal will be useful for community seed banks globally. The book can be downloaded for free from the websites of LI-BIRD and Bioversity International.


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