Expected benefits from the Multilateral System of Access and Benefit Sharing

Making the multilateral system (MLS) of access and benefit sharing of the ITPGRFA work in practice is the goal of the eight country teams involved in the Genetic Resource Policy Initiative 2. According to a recent survey among the teams, the priority benefits they expect to obtain from an effective MLS are, in order of importance: improved access to 1st) technologies, 2nd) germplasm, 3rd) financial resources and 4th) information for the conservation and use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. Other expected benefits identified by one or more of the teams include: adoption of legislation and specific administrative regulations for the management of plant genetic resources, support for genebanks at the national and community levels, prevention of the loss of plant genetic resources and related traditional knowledge, and enhancement of the rights of farmers and local communities. The teams will now start a series of national-level activities aimed at harvesting these expected benefits in the near future. This blog will offer regular updates about these activities. For the detailed survey results, contact: Tom Dedeurwaerdere, tom.dedeurwaerdere@uclouvain.be or Nicola Lucchi, nicola.lucchi@uclouvain.be


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